Below is a list of different resources I’ve put together over time that I know will be of help to you in your health journey. I hope you enjoy them!


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8 tips for endless energy

I know how crappy it can feel to wake up with no energy, unable to stop hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock. Worse yet is going throughout your day constantly feeling like you need a nap & not being able to function without caffeine.

I’m here to save the day and provide you with my top tips to skyrocket your energy, wake up feeling refreshed, and get the most out of your day.  You’ll be wondering what to do with all the extra energy!

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How to stock your pantry the plant-based way & grocery shopping tips

If you think eating a plant-based diet involves eating salads every day, let me break it to you - not. the. case.

This guide has everything you need if you’re looking to transition into a plant-based diet or just want to include more plant-based dishes into your life.

You’ll learn what produce to buy, which meat and dairy alternatives to get, as well as how to grocery shop like a pro and save money while you’re at it.



A series of 5 emails delivered straight to your inbox - each day filled with awesome hacks to get you started on your weight loss journey without the overwhelm.

And because I’m a holistic health coach and I believe health means maintaining balance of mind, body, and soul, I’ll cover everything from mindset, to goal setting, to diet, to movement.

You’ll be ready to go after these 5 days with small daily habits to implement into your lifestyle that’ll jumpstart your weight loss journey and give you tons of energy!