Green Energy Smoothie


Green Energy Smoothie (1 big serving)

·      2 cups of kale

·      1 banana

·      1 cup frozen berries

·      1-2 dates, pitted

·      1 tablespoon chia seeds

·      Plant-based milk or water

·      Ice for serving, optional


1.     Take stem off of kale leaf. Add kale leaf to the blender along with some liquid and blend for a few seconds until you reach a liquid consistency (go to next step if you have a high-speed blender).

2.    If you have a high- speed blender, throw in kale with stem and skip to next step.

3.    Add rest of ingredients.

4.    Blend until smooth. Add more or less liquid depending on thickness preference.

Note: If you’re out of frozen banana and need to thicken it, frozen zucchini works wonders and doesn’t add any taste to it.

Note # 2: Adding white beans to a smoothie can help make it more filling & add more fiber and protein helping you stay full longer.